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Fitness Classes
All classes can be started at anytime and you can sign up online or call ahead up to 2hrs before the start of any class. Aerial/Pole classes have a max of 6-8 people and all other classes have a max of 15 to ensure each and every student gets plenty of attention and learns at their pace.To see our complete schedule click here.
FIT Classes
Fitness Classes
Booty Fit is 30 minutes of shaping and toning your booty and legs to get you looking even hotter in your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Each class we'll use various toning and cardio exercises for the butt, quads, hams and calves offering modifications where needed. By the end of this 30 minutes your legs and booty will be screaming! You'll want to bring plenty of water, a towel and yoga mat if you have one to this class.


Cardio exercise is a vital part of any exercise program; it increases stamina and heart health, promotes weight loss, better sleep and stress relief. In this 30 minute class we will focus on using long bursts of high intensity cardio exercises to get an incredible workout. Modifications will be given depending on fitness level to ensure everyone is challenged. Bring water and a towel for all that sweat your gonna be dripping!

In this super fun 30 minute class we're gonna pop, drop, bounce and shake our booties into a frenzy for some serious twerking cardio. Whether your new to booty poppin or a twerking pro this class is sure to get you movin, improve your booty skills and be the most fun you've had workin it out.

Core FIT is just what it sounds entire class devoted to sculpting and toning the core! In this 30 minute class we'll use various exercises to tone, sculpt and define the entire core. Each week new exercises will be introduced to challenge you with modifications given for all fitness levels. Bring water and a yoga mat to class if you have one. 

In this 30 minute class we'll use various exercise with and on the stability ball to tone and sculpt the entire body while burning through a ton of calories. Each class we'll offer a new workout to challenge your balance, coordination, endurance and flexibility while toning and shaping the whole body. Modifications will be given to ensure everyone gets an amazing workout! Bring water, a towel and a mat if you have one to this class.

In this 1 hour class we'll push you to your limits and beyond. Boot camp offers a total body workout where we utilize various exercises and drills to build strength, endurance and stamina. Workouts change every week to give you variety and modifications are always given to ensure everyone gets maximum results. Modifications are offered to challenge all fitness levels. Bring water, a towel and yoga mat if you have one.

1 hour burning AT LEAST 700 calories while kicking, punching, blocking and jumping your way into a lean mean kickboxing machine. Kickboxing is one of the best ways to get fit fast, with modifications given to ensure everyone feels like a champ. Challenge your core, flexibility, strength, and endurance while being a bit of a bad ass and punching/kicking away all your daily stress!

Flexibility is a 1 hr class using various methods such as active, passive, resistance, myofasical and partner stretching to create, maintain or increase your overall flexibility. Each class we'll go through a series of movements/techniques to work on various areas of the body. Students will be given modifications depending on their level of flexibility to offer everyone a challenge. Yoga/Pilates mats are required for this class, if you don't have one we'll provide one.

Piloxing is a hot new workout combining elements of kickboxing, pilates and dance this is a high energy, super fun class you don't want to miss! This is a low impact high intensity class burning up to 900 calories in an hour.

***Make sure to visit our FAQ's page for info on class cancellation and refund policies!

1 hour of intense muscle toning and sculpting to help improve balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Fitness Barre is a combination of dance, pilates, and cardio moves at a ballet barre. Each class we offer a new calorie blasting routine to keep things fresh and fun. Bring water and a mat if you have one to this class.

Zumba Sentao™ combines strength and resistance exercises with dance moves on and around a chair. The class still has the rocking Zumba® party dance rhythms and international flavors. You can let loose and boogie, with the extra bonus of a calorie burning strength workout. Ever looked at a regular Zumba class and thought I could never do that! The addition of a chair brings the music tempo down a bit and make the class more comfortable and achievable for the "non-dance" exerciser.​