Dance & Fitness

Dance and Fitness Classes

Dance and fitness classes are designed to cater to all levels of fitness and/or experience.
Each class offers modifications to ensure best possible experience.
Class sizes have a max of 10-15.

Private and semi-private lessons can also be booked to create customized training.

Class Descriptions

Barre Fit

1 hour

Barre (sans the barre) incorporates elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates to create a whole-body workout. The class is structured with a focus on toning legs, glutes, and upper body. Additionally, students will notice an improvement in core strength, posture, flexibility, and overall technique. No experience required.


Chair & Floor Flow

1 hour

Utilize the floor and chair as your apparatus by learning sexy slides, rolls, struts across and on the floor or rolls, flips and balances with the chair while putting together slinky sequences and routines. Great for improving core and leg strength as well as flexibility and feeling sexy and confident.


1 hour

Utilizing various methods each class will focus on building and increasing overall active flexibility. We offer modifications and props to assist with stretches to maximize progress.

Foam Rolling

1 hour

This is an hour long class dedicated to instructed self-myofascial release. We will utilize foam rollers and tennis balls throughout the class to self-massage our muscles. The benefits of rolling out are: increased blood flow, better movement, increased range of motion, decreased recovery time, injury prevention, and increased quality of training.

Hoop Dance

1 hour

For those with no or little experience to lay a solid foundation of your hoop skills. From keeping the hoop up and going, to playing with the space in and around the hoop; you’ll be sure to get to know your circle. Hoops will be provided if you do not have one.

Open Fly

1 hour

Instructor supervised open gym time to practice skills learned in class, work on routines and get extra training time in. While no instruction given the supervising instructor will be on hand to spot as needed.