Dance & Fitness

Dance and Fitness Classes

Dance and fitness classes are designed to cater to all levels of fitness and/or experience and are grounded classes. Each class offers modifications to ensure best possible experience. Class sizes have a max of 8-10. Classes are for 16 and up except exotic based classes which are 18 and up only!

$25 Drop in or any class package can be used to sign up for these classes.

Class Descriptions

Aerial Fit

Ready to train hard? Aerial Fit is the perfect combination of body weight training and cardio to give you an incredible workout in a circuit style class using Pilates, HIIT training, yoga and more. This is the perfect class to build strength, endurance and flexibility and a lot of fun in 1 hour.

Chair Play

Sometimes it’s sexy, sometimes is flirty and sometimes it’s fast and sweaty! Combine burlesque, sexy hip hop and twerking with some jaw dropping tricks all using a chair and you get chair play. Choreo is taught moving on and off the chair for a fun, core workout with the sexiest twist ever. Heels and knee pads are encouraged for this routine. 1 hour

Floor Play

Slink, slide and grind across the floor mixing exotic style movement, heels work and sensual Pilates based warmups. Combines exotic style movement, sexy hip hop and twerking and heels dance work. This is the class to feel sexy, confident and get in some amazing core work! Heels and knee pads are encouraged. 1 hour

Hoop Dance

For those with no or little experience to lay a solid foundation of your hoop skills. From keeping the hoop up and going, to playing with the space in and around the hoop; you’ll be sure to get to know your circle. Hoops will be provided if you do not have one. 1 hour

Stretch it out

Work on splits and back bends in this class incorporating stretching and conditioning moves to build active flexibility throughout the body. This is a great class for anyone regardless of flexibility level. 1 hour


Shake, clap, pop your way into some bootilicsious moves. This class will teach you some of the hundred plus ways to twerk and how to put it into a full routine. Whether you’ve got some twerk skills up your sleeve or wanna know how to do bounce like a pro this workshop is for you!

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