Dance & Fitness

Dance and Fitness Classes

Dance and fitness classes are designed to cater to all levels of fitness and/or experience and are grounded classes. Each class offers modifications to ensure best possible experience. Class sizes have a max of 8-10. Classes are for 16 and up except exotic based classes which are 18 and up only!

$25 Drop in or any class package can be used to sign up for these classes.

Class Descriptions

Back Bending or Aerial

Beautiful back bends have always been coveted in aerial, dance and gymnastics and aside from aesthetics they can also make tricks easier to get into. In this class we’ll learn the fundamentals of back bending, how to do it safely and properly and how to utilize it for aerial and pole. This workshop is perfect whether you have a back bend or feel stiff as a board.

Chair & Floor Flow

Get slinky and sexy on the floor, with a chair or both in this fun, flirty class! Each month features a new heart stopping, jaw dropping routine to a fun new song with full break down of choreography. No experience necessary just be ready to slink, writhe, grind and strut! 1 hour

Foam Rolling & Myofascial Release

Learn the benefits of myofascial release and how to perform it on yourself using foam rollers and tennis balls. If you have a foam roller bring it and if not we’ll provide it.

Heels Lab

Whether your a baby poler whose been dying to get their first pair of pleasers, a figure competitor looking to amp up your posing or a dancer wanting to upgrade to higher heights this is a great clinic for you. We‘ll go over exercises to help stretch and strengthen your ankles to support wearing heels, build up to higher heels and then go over proper walking technique, how to control yourself when moving, turning and last but not least some various ways to create super fun heel clacks!

Hoop Dance

For those with no or little experience to lay a solid foundation of your hoop skills. From keeping the hoop up and going, to playing with the space in and around the hoop; you’ll be sure to get to know your circle. Hoops will be provided if you do not have one.

Splits for Aerial

Splits are something most aerialists, dancers and gymnasts want but how do you get them or if you have them how do you take them to the next level. Learn to safely and effective create active splits for aerial and pole or any medium. Whether you already have splits or wish you had splits this class is helpful. We’ll go through proper form, tricks to safely deepen what you already have without injury and various tips and tricks to keep your split game strong.


Shake, clap, pop your way into some bootilicsious moves. This class will teach you some of the hundred plus ways to twerk and how to put it into a full routine. Whether you’ve got some twerk skills up your sleeve or wanna know how to do bounce like a pro this workshop is for you!

New Client Package


3 Classes for $45, Expires 1 month from 1st use