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Sensual Power

Sensual Power is a transformative 6 week course utilizing exotic movement, yoga, meditation and carefully designed exercises and lessons to change the way you feel in your body, ask for what you want, build confidence, tap into your sensual side and feel sexy as hell doing it! it’s time to say YES 🙌🏼 to yourselves!

The course includes:
*12 hours of immersive classroom work
*A recorded guided meditation to do on your own at home 🧘‍♀️
*Recorded tutorials on your exotic movement and yoga infused warm up
*Recorded tutorials of each dance lesson with breakdown of all the moves 💃
*An instructional manual with more in depth explanation of the lessons and homework exercises
*Access to an exclusive Facebook group and messaging group to connect with other women in the course, share your wins, breakthrough and get support 👯‍♀️
*A jade egg to use and keep for our jade egg practices

* Live streaming of class to do anywhere in the world and recordings of live stream posted in members area 24 hours after each class


March 8th through April 12th 2020

6:10pm to 8:10pm

Cost is $400
Early bird pricing is $300 till January 31st 2020! Sign up online or call 614-641-5285 to invest in yourself now!

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Gemma Lux Workshops

Gemma Lux is an award winning Showgirl & Pole Dancer/Instructor from Florida, USA. She dazzles audiences from all over the world with her polished and flirty style of Classique Pole. Gemma embraces the sexy side of pole dance, and shines on stage as she is a well-seasoned performer. She lives the showgirl life! She enjoys helping people reach their goals, find their sexy, and strives to inspire and enrich lives all over the world.

We get her for one day of 3 incredibly girly fun pole and floor workshops!

Workshops are as follows:

Flirtatious Flow & Floor All Levels
11am – 12:30pm
Get down and flirty with this workshop! Expect body waves, hip work, booty ‘werk’, splits, grinding & more! If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, you will also be working on connecting each step, spin and transition for seamless movement on and off the pole, leaving your audience wondering where you stopped and started.

Showgirly SwagTM by Gemma Lux Signature Pole Dance & Tricks
(Intermediate and above)
12:45pm – 2:15pm
Gemma Lux, has quickly carved a niche for herself in the Burlesque scene as the resident Pole Dance Performer in the Tampa Bay Femmes and Follies troupe. Come soak up some of her “Showgirl Swag” via dazzling pole dance and trick combos, completed with class and ass!
In this workshop you will work on how to add sexy flair into your routine.

Gemma will teach you how to strut in your stilettos, hair choreography, bootylicious movements, heels slides, floorwork(including drop splits!), and of course crowd pleasing pole tricks that will leave your audience in awe and wanting more.
Gemma will teach you a short routine including the swag & tricks she teaches you at the beginning portion of this class.

*We recc. Students be level intermediate or above, although we will have variations prepared for those needing them or at a beginner level who would like to partake in this amazing class.*

Best attire is anything you feel you sparkle in!! Feel free to dress to impress. All the sexy if you want. You will work and sweat in this class but by all means, take advantage of jazzing up your normal attire if you wish! Bring something to remove too!

Get Grounded Floor Work All Levels
2:30pm – 4pm
Floorwork is not only super sexy, it’s a great way to connect with your audience! Floorwork is an essential element to all pole dance routines. It allows you to breath in between pole dance combos & tricks as well as showcases your additional acrobatic talents.

Gemma will teach you forward rolls, back rolls, floor combos, shoulder stands, fish flops & more! Variations will be provided as needed for each student’s current ability & conditioning techniques to take home with you.

Bring leg warmers, knee pads, and long socks. Anything that will help you slide on the floor & protect your feet. Heels very welcome!


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*Must be pre-registered to attend and meet any skill requirements listed*

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Virtual Classes Now Available

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