Our Team

We are an eclectic team of instructors who love to teach and have fun with our students and in our classes.
You’ll never find a more dedicated and welcoming group elsewhere.

All staff are CPR/First Aid Certified and have received child abuse prevention, detection and reporting training through Nationwide Children’s Hospital.



Valerie, a Columbus native, was dancing and involved in the arts from the time she was kid up through adulthood training in lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, belly dance, salsa, ballroom. In 1999 she began dancing in an exotic dance club and eventually quit to devote time to her new born daughter. After a few years of working in various gyms and teaching dance and fitness classes she decided she really missed the pole, way she felt dancing, and the shape she’d been in from it. She began working for a brand new pole studio that opened in 2005, fulfilling her dream of teaching pole dance, and quickly became manager of the studio. In 2007, after deciding it was time to do things her way she opened her own studio. Valerie started out renting space by the hour, doing private lessons in home, etc and eventually grew into opening her own studio. She has performed pole and aerial all over Columbus and the Midwest and was honored in early 2013 introduced pole to the Arnold Sports Festival for the first time ever. Valerie is CPR certified, group fitness certified and has a personal training certification through NCCPT.


Co-owner/Certified Personal Trainer



Michelle Tavenner, RYT 500, has been teaching various forms of hatha yoga since 2007. After practicing as a student for four years, and enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, she decided she wanted to help others find the same. Michelle became certified by Yoga Alliance in 2007 as an RYT 200, and in 2009 as an RYT 500. She has taught beginners through advanced students, adults and kids alike, in yoga movement, breath awareness, and meditation. Additionally, she has led several RYT 200 training’s, special interest workshops, and teaches private sessions. Michelle enjoys helping clients gain greater awareness of what feels right for their body in any pose, at that moment in time. Easy-going with light-heartedness, Michelle’s goal is to encourage her students to become ever more aware of the connection between movement of the body, breath, and mind. She is CPR/First Aide certified and a level 4 certified instructor.



Joli abandoned her boring day job and moved to Columbus to run away with the circus in 2012. Originally a performing juggler, she became enthralled with the aerial arts as soon as she saw them at a festival. She started at Infinity Aerial as a beginner student with no background in dance or gymnastics and grew to become the aerialist she is today, having performed across the country at renaissance festivals, street fairs and private parties. Eventually she decided to expand and begin teaching in order to spread her love of aerials to everyone she could. Joli’s main apparatus/love of her life is the aerial silks. She is CPR/First Aide certified and a level 4 certified instructor.



Jamie is a performance artist specializing in aerial hoop. A Columbus, Ohio native, she began her craft on aerial silks in 2013 after attending a local performance. While experimenting with several different aerial apparatuses, she initially avoided aerial hoop due to its painful and challenging nature. Continuing in her efforts, she became drawn to the stylistic possibilities and artistic complexity that it allowed. She soon fell in love with the apparatus, and found success after her first duo aerial hoop performance at a local club. She now travels the country seeking training from her favorite performers, and is rapidly establishing herself as a leader in the Columbus aerial scene through teaching and performing. She is CPR/First Aide certified and a level 4 certified instructor.



Angela has been practicing aerial for 3 years and hopes to be flying for many more. She defies gravity on several apparatuses, including, but not limited to: lyra, pole, and hammock. Her background in dance and human anatomy provide her the opportunity to bring together style, grace, and technical knowledge. Angela’s teaching philosophy is built on a combination of anatomy, conditioning, flexibility, and aerial technique. She is passionate about choreography and loves to create unique pieces that truly unite movement and music into one performance. One of Angela’s defining principles originates from an Amelia Earhart quote: “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” She is CPR/First Aide certified and a level 1 certified instructor.



She is CPR/First Aide certified and a level 4 certified instructor.



Annie has been consistently training in Aerial Silks since the fall of 2016. Even with no dance or gymnastics background to speak with Annie has worked very hard and has been committed to increasing her strength, self-confidence, and talents. She enjoys performing and training so much she started teaching in hopes of encouraging and assisting other beginner aerialists. She is CPR/First Aide certified and a level 4 certified instructor.



My name is Katie and I love circles. When I first started hula hooping, I had no idea what kind of journey I was about to start. I have been hooping over 5 years now, and performing with Rhythmic Illusions Fire Tribe. Prior to hooping, I was in color guard in high school where I learned how to flow with flags and rifles. This helped my understand the fluid movement of working with a hula hoop. My fiance, and several of my friends are also into flow arts-as we all created our performance troupe. I am very excited to be teaching hoop dance at Infinity Aerial, and am eager to share the joys of hooping with others.


Meditation Teacher

Bernie began practicing mediation in 1986 when he briefly met a man, who in just a blink of the eye made him realize that he needed a transformation in his thinking and mindset. At that moment a went on and he knew that he would never be the same. Bernie’s thirst for wanting to know more and more about esoteric teachings was never ending. He came to realize that this thirst could only be quenched by learning more about the true inner self.

Bernie has taught mediation at the Ohio State University through the Creative Activities Program for over 10 years until the program ended by the university. During that time Bernie taught a 4-6 week class each quarter with an average of 25 students. He’s also taught at Unity Church and privately.