Pole Classes

Pole classes are designed to be progressive starting from the very beginning with level 1 and taking you up the pole and into gravity defying tricks, twists and tumbles.

Class size limited to no more than 2 per pole with a max of 10. Instructor permission required for intermediate and advanced levels.


Pole 1


New to pole or feeling a bit rusty? This is your very first level of pole class to build a strong foundation. Level 1 teaches over 50 skills with spins, sequences and strength building exercises to take you to the next level. 1 hour

Low Flow Pole


Get low in this class! Learn choreography of all styles only using floor work, transitions, spins and even working with a chair to create a fun, sexy, graceful flow. 1 hour

Pole Tricks & Conditioning


Get a great workout while perfecting your nemesis skills! Spend the first half of class reviewing and perfecting tricks you know, learning variations and sequences and the second half conditioning on and off the poles. 1 hour

Must have taken at least 3-4 level 1 classes

Pole Flow


Instructor permission required

This class is all about choreography! Whether we’re working on a specific routine, learning skills and techniques to build your own routine or doing fun and creative games to figure out your own pole style. Must have gone through level 2 to take this class. 1 hour

Pole 2


Instructor permission required

Are you ready to climb to new heights? Level 2 is all about taking your work up the pole by beginning to climb and sit and do basic inversions. 1 hour

Pole 3


Instructor permission required

Climbing? Check! Spinning? Check! Basic inversions? Check! Now that we’ve laid solid foundations with levels 1 and 2 it’s time to get serious. Level 3 will turn things even more upside down with more hangs and holds including superman and Ayesha. 1 hour

Pole 4


Instructor permission required

You are officially addicted to pole now! Level 4 is all about super strong inverted poses, super twisty aerial combos and super exciting drops and tumbles. 1 hour

Pole 5


Instructor permission required

Now you’ve got some seriously gravity defying combos and we’re going to kick it up even more with some high level combos and mounts including the ever coveted handspring. 1 hour

Pole 6


Instructor permission required

You are officially a pole god/goddess at this point! Level 6 is all about exploring those extreme tricks you see pole stars hitting, getting into some serious bending and doing some tricked out Chinese pole style work. 1 hour

Fit n Flex


Ready to train hard? Fit n flex is the perfect combination of body weight training and cardio to give you a great workout in a circuit style class using apparatuses like silks, hammocks, Lyras and poles. This class combines conditioning drills for strength and endurance, flexibility training and a lot of fun in 1 hour.

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20 Classes for $330

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4 Classes for $60, Expires 6 Weeks from 1st use