Our Classes

Pole Dancing in Columbus

Our pole program is designed for very beginners with Pole 1 up to the very advanced with Pole 6! Classes are progressive and there are no start dates so you can begin at anytime. Pole classes are for ages 18 and up and aside from our core programming we offer additional classes like Low Flow Pole and Chair & Floor Flow for those that wanna get a little wild and sexy. For those that want that extra workout try Pole Tricks and Conditioning.

Aerial Silks in Columbus

Our aerial programs feature aerial silks, aerial hammock and aerial hoop aka lyra as well as aerial yoga which is strictly about getting the most incredible stretch of your life. Classes are progressive for very beginners with Hammock & Silks 1 and Aerial Hoop 1 up to the very advanced at level 5. Regular classes are for ages 16 and up and we offer kids classes for ages 6-16. We are all about the art and beauty of aerial so we offer unique classes like Silks, Hammock and Aerial Hoop Flow and for those wanting a killer workout there’s Fit n Flex and Aerial Tricks & Conditioning.

Dance & Fitness in Columbus

We offer a variety of dance and fitness classes to compliment your pole and aerial experience. From recovery and mobility type classes like Spilts and Back Bending for Aerial and Foam Rolling to the wilder side with Twerkshop and Chair & Floor Flow. Or if you want to tone up and have fun doing it we offer Hoop Dance, Barre Fit, Cardio Hip Hop and host 305 Fitness classes as well! Classes are for 16 and up excluding exotic based classes which are 18 and up.

Instructor Training in Columbus

Our instructor training program is a carefully designed program to not only help you understand the break down of pole and aerial skills but also give you a comprehensive guide to understanding basic anatomy, injury prevention, safety, lesson creation and creating solid warm ups, conditioning and cool downs.

Events in Columbus

Occasionally we have special events or workshops at our studio because we just love having fun! Special events and workshops can be on the sexy side including holiday lap dance workshops and our transformational course Sensual Power to fun classes like our Couples Aerial & Acro class and members Flight Nights. Our exotic influenced events are 18 and up and other classes are 16 and up.

Bachelorette Parties in Columbus

Since opening we’ve hosted over 2,000 parties in 11 years and they’ve been anything from bachelorette parties, bachelorette/bachelor combined parties, friends get togethers, birthday parties, kids aerial parties, team building parties…you name it! We have options for every need and budget. Parties are generally scheduled on weekends but call 614-641-5285 for special times.