Covid 19 Procedures

We know this is a scary time but it is our goal to make you feel as safe as possible when your in our studio. We’ve created a detailed list of what we’re requiring and doing to make your experience safe and full of wild, creative, stress relieving, laughter inducing fun!

Student Procedures:

1. First and foremost, if you have a fever, even low grade, we are asking that you not attend classes. If you are sneezing, coughing or exhibiting any symptoms associated with Covid-19 please refrain from attending classes.

2. A mask is required to attend classes, for entering, doing and exiting classes.

3. Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before class and no hanging out after, we’ll catch up in class!

4. Upon entering stay 6 feet apart from fellow students to ensure their safety and yours.

5. When entering use the hand sanitizer provided to immediately sanitize your hands before fully entering the studio.

6. Once you enter go forward and immediately to your right into the cubby area to place belongings in a cubby. Please wait for the person ahead of you to place their belongings, staying 6 feet apart. Please only use 1 cubby for any belongings.

7. Next wait in line to wash your hands prior to class.

Once hands are washed bring any grip, mat, water bottles, etc. to place for class warm up. If you’re doing a pole or Lyra class grab 1 cloth to be used for cleaning your own apparatus for the duration of class.

8. We won’t be providing yoga mats, grip or any communal props so make sure to bring your own and ask if you’re not sure where to get something.

9. Place your yoga mat 6 feet apart for warm up and keep all belongings on that during class.

10. At the end of class you are responsible for cleaning your apparatus top to bottom for metal apparatuses and pulling down fabrics.

11. Place your cloth used for metal apparatuses in the bin provided at the front of the warehouse area at the end of your class.

12. During class if you need to sneeze, cough, etc. please cover your mouth with your arm if not wearing a mask. Immediately sanitize your hands and let them dry completely before returning to class.

13. Please exercise caution while in classes, if you aren’t comfortable doing a move without a spot or mat don’t do it. If you need to take breaks do it, step outside, get water…whatever you need to feel ok and let us know!

14. We will not have a waiting area set up per orders so if you are a parent bringing your kid to class this does mean you will not be able to wait in the studio for your child.

15. We are also asking anyone attending class please not bring in any friends, family, etc. with them into classes as the amount of people allowed at any given time in the studio is limited.

Staff Procedures:

  1. Installing a pulley system so in between classes we can swap out fabrics for brand new ones. We ordered a secondary set of silks and hammocks and for those of you that were loving the new purple well…we went purple crazy! But no we legit ordered 5 new purple fabrics!
  2. We’re swapping out fabrics in between each fabric class and washing them every day. We’ve worked with a committee to test the most effective ways to sanitize the equipment and while the poles and lyras are easy the fabrics we’ve found require washing and/or sitting out for 2 days before reuse. This prevents the fabric being degraded by harsh chemicals and ensures it’s virus free.
  3. We will be having BioPure come in monthly to do a deep spray down of the studio. BioPure has already been out to do a medical grade spray down of the studio to ensure everything is as sterile as possible. They will be continuing to do that on a monthly basis and if you’re interested in having them come to your home or work we highly recommend them!
  4. We will be sanitizing high touch areas like the cubbies, bathrooms, crash mats etc. in between classes. At the end of the day we will also be doing a thorough cleaning of everything.
  5. Hand sanitizing, washing hands and wearing masks is required before the beginning of classes so any refusal means no class. Parents you’ll be responsible for ensuring your kids attending any kids class follow these rules as well.
  6. We are still going to offer the option to take pole virtually and all non apparatus classes will remain virtual. This wont work for aerial but we want to ensure for all other classes you can do them virtually if you’re not ready to rejoin in person. We also plan to keep virtual options permanently as we know many of you have busy schedules and in the winter snow emergencies can hinder coming to classes. We’re also working on an online class site to view and do full pre-recorded classes at any time!

We want to be there for you, know you and support you! So we’re really going to be focusing on creativity a lot in classes, giving you all the opportunity to work on movement as an exercise and way to connect. We’ve been working on the format, music, warm ups, conditioning, cool downs of every class to make sure what we’re offering is an experience. You’ll notice the class names have even changed because we want to give you a sense of fun even when you sign up.