Policies and Procedures

Things to know

How do i register for classes and can i just walk in?

You can register through the website.

We don’t allow walk ins as we have small class sizes so signing up ahead of time secures your spot in class. You can sign up up to 8hrs before the start of classes, 24 hrs for private lessons and workshops and 72 hrs for parties and our registration site is secured.

I have a package/membership, do I still need to sign up for classes?

Even if you have a package we do ask that you sign up ahead of time so the instructor can prepare and to ensure you get a spot in class.

I need to register more than 1 person for class, how do I do that?

You can sign up multiple people here. Any person your signing up does need to complete an online waiver themselves* which you can find here.

*If your signing up a minor you must be the parent or legal guardian and you call fill out the waiver for them.

It says there’s a waitlist for class, what does that mean?

If it says wait-listed when signing up it means the class is currently full. If a class has a wait list you can sign up for the wait list and if a spot becomes available you’ll be notified by email and your credit/payment will be deducted for class. If the spot doesn’t become available your credit/payment won’t be taken and you can use it for another class.

How late can I sign up for class?

You have up till 8 hours prior to the start of class to register online. If you miss the cut off feel free to call the studio or email your instructor to see if a spot is open.

Do I have to fill out a waiver every time I sign up for class?

No! You only need to fill out a waiver and release one time for classes so after that just exit out when it takes you to the waiver.

Do I have to pay for classes in advance and what forms of payment do you accept?

Yes, payment is required in advance to secure your spot for a class, personal training, private lessons or parties.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards and our payment services through Mindbody is secured.

I’m not going to make it to class, how to I cancel and what’s the cancelation policy?

If you need to cancel a class you can log into your account through the website, go under My Schedule and click on the class your signed up for. Once you do that you can choose to reschedule if you’ve cancelled more than 8 hours before. If it is after 8 hours or you show it’s considered a late cancel and the credit/payment can’t be reused.

Parties, workshops and private lessons require 72hrs notice. Anything after the cut off listed above is considered a late cancel and will result in loss of payment/credit.

If you cancel before the cut off you will have the ability to do 1 reschedule with the payment/credit (must be done within the payment expiration date). Workshops with guest/visiting instructors cannot be rescheduled or refunded for any reason.

Do payments for packages, passes, parties and lessons expire?

Yes, you can see all expiration dates on the Prices page.

When should I arrive to a class, party, appointment and what happens if I’m late or don’t attend?

For all classes arrive 5-10 minutes early.

If your arriving 15 minutes or more late we do consider that a late cancel since you’ve missed the necessary warm up. Conditioning and beginning class material to safety do the class. The instructor has the right to deny access to the class, party or appointment and there will be no refund or reschedule allowed.

If you no show to a class, party or appointment it is also considered a late cancel and no refund or reschedule will be offered.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not given for any payments made for classes, parties, workshops or events. Payments are non-transferable unless otherwise discussed with staff.

I've taken classes elsewhere, can I take a higher level class?

To test into any level above level 1 classes you’ll need to email us at infinityaerial@gmail.com a current practice or performance video to see what your current level of experience is. Once we’ve reviewed your video we will email you back to place you in the appropriate level.

If you haven’t taken an aerial or pole class in over 6 months you may be asked to attend a level 1 class to help you regain strength and form.

Are kids allowed in classes?

We have dedicated classes for ages 6-16! Aerial classes such as silks, hammock and aerial hoop are 16 and up while pole and exotic based classes are 18 and up.

Are men allowed in classes?

Yes! We believe strongly that everyone has the right to learn aerial and pole so we are a fully inclusive studio and do not discriminate based on gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race, age or size/shape.

Do I have to have experience to attend classes and is this for anyone?

No way! We have level 1 classes for pole and skills and all other classes are mixed level. We keep our classes smaller and offer modifications to keep everyone learning at their own pace.

We’ve heard all the excuses…I’m too old, I’m too overweight, I don’t have any strength, I’m not flexible, I don’t have a dance background. We work with each student at their own pace and with determination and dedication you will be amazed what you can do.

Can I actually get in shape doing this?

Absolutely! Pole and aerial are low impact on the joints but combine dynamic bodyweight training with cardio so it’s better on the body and builds long, learn muscle and can be amazing for weight loss.

I'm nervous to try a class, can I just watch one first?

We know it can be scary trying something new but for the comfort and safety of our students we don’t allow class observation. However, you can pay by class and we’re confident you’ll love it if you try it.

We also do an occasional Intro to Aerial Workshop which is a 90 minutes teaser class that gives you a taste of all the different apparatuses we offer.

What do I wear for classes?

Pole classes:

Beginner’s- Capri leggings, yoga pants, sweats, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras, heels(optional) Intermediate & Advanced- short shorts, sports bars, board shorts/form fitting shorts(guys), heels(optional) Sexy pole- any of the above depending on level, heels, leg warmers, over the knee socks.

Aerial classes:

Leggings, close fitting yoga pants, dance tights and shorts, leotards, unitards, tank tops, close fitting t-shirts. You’ll want to make sure to wear natural fibers as much as possible such as cotton, bamboo and hemp.

No oils or lotions the day of any pole or aerial class!!!

Dance and Flexibility Classes:

yoga pants, leggings, tank tops, t shirts, leg warmers, over the knee socks, heels, knee pads (optional)

Fitness classes:

Yoga pants, leggings, sweats, shorts, sports bras, tank tops, t-shirts, Anything comfortable and breathable (no jeans, jeggings or such). Good cross trainers (we recommend replacing them every 3 months for maximum comfort and performance and socks, sweats, shorts bras, tank tops, t-shirts.)

Anything I should bring to class or do before my first one?

Bottle of water
Yoga mat (if you have one)
Hand Towel
Any grip aides you use (pole and aerial students)
A positive attitude 🙂

Make sure to fill out Waiver and release online before your first class.

Make sure to let your instructor know of any injuries or medical issues prior to arriving by emailing them.

Do not consume any alcohol or impairing substances before attending any class or appointment. Doing so will result in being asked to leave due to safety and liability and no refund or reschedule will be given.

How much weight do the apparatuses hold and do you offer mats and/or spotting?

Our poles are bolted ceiling to floor and can hold approximately 1,000lbs of side spinning weight. Our aerial skills, hammocks, and hoops can hold roughly 2,200lbs of weight. All rigging and equipment is inspected regularly to ensure that it is safe.

YES YES YES!!! For aerial we have an 18′ height and use 4.5 inch thick crash mats and all our staff has extensive training on proper spotting techniques to ensure your safety.